General Information

Institute of Media, Information, and Network (MIN Lab) was founded at Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2016. The lab has been focusing on multimedia comunication related signal processing and image/video distribution.The lab has been cooperating with Computing center of biomedical information at University of California, San Diego, Microsoft Asia Research, QualComm and so on.




☐ The innovation research members of NSFC;

☐ New Century Excellent Talents in University;

☐ SMC-A Young Faculty of Shanghai Jiao Tong University;

☐ First Prize for Shanghai Technological Innovation Award (2011);

☐ Microsoft Graduate Research Fellowship (2011);

☐ Key project of national natural science funds (2);

☐ Natural science foundation of overseas scholars cooperation projects (2);

☐ The national natural science fund projects (2);

☐ State 863 projects (1);

☐ And we have published more than 400 papers in domestic and international academic journals and conferences,

    one book and apply for 12 China National invention patents (8 authorization).



Research Interests

Network-oriented image/video coding: Image/video compression, progressive and scalable coding, distributed source coding, learning-based image/video coding, 3-D and stereo video compression.

Multimedia Communication: Multi-rate Multicasting, wireless video sensor network, network coding, resource allocation.

Multi-dimension Signal processing: Wavelet transform, multi-scale geometry transform, sparse coding, compressive sampling.

Image representation and processing: Biomedical image processing (medical video sequences, time-lapse video imaging, video microscopy), object tracking, object detection and segmentation, machine learning and optimization, biomedical Informatics


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