Hongkai Xiong

Vice Dean, Zhiyuan College

Yangtze River Scholar Distinguished Professor

NSF Distinguished Young Scholar

Distinghuished Professor, Department of Electronic Engineering & Department of                                   Computer Science and Engineering

                                  Office: Room 309, SEIEE Building No.1

                                  Email: xionghongkai@sjtu.edu.cn


Junni Zou

Professor and PhD advisor

Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering

Office: Room 437, SEIEE Building No.3

Email: zou-jn@cs.sjtu.edu.cn


Weiyao Lin


Email: wylin@sjtu.edu.cn


Chenglin Li

Associate Professor

Research interests: Multimedia communication and optimization

Homepage: http://min.sjtu.edu.cn/lcl/Chenglin_Li.htm


Xinbao Gong

Associate Professor

Research interests: Intelligent information

processing and hardware acceleration


Wenrui Dai

Associate Professor

Research interests: Learning-based video coding and modeling


Institute of Media, Information, and Network (MIN Lab)