Academic Writing, Norms and Ethics

(Autumn 2019)

Course name:Academic Writing, Norms and Ethics

Course code: GS00001

Credit/class hours: 1/18


Textbook and References

(1) Robert A. Day, How to Write & Publish a Scientific Paper, Seventh Edition. 
(2) Mike W. Martin, Ethics in Engineering, Fourth Edition. 
(3) Charles E. Harris, Concepts and Cases: Engineering Ethics, Sixth Edition.  


Course Details

This course aims at presenting the academic writing skills, academic norms and engineering ethics. To begin with, we discuss how to do academic research from the macro perspective. Subsequently, we talk about the academic writing skills and the normative standards in academic writing. Finally, we extend to the engineering ethics that engineers should follow. The course exhibits rich academic writing skills and multiple forms of academic norms by demonstrating standard academic writing paradigms and inappropriate writing cases. Besides, the course draws on many vivid ethical cases to exploit the code of engineering ethics and the consequences of violating engineering ethics.



Chapter Topic Lecture and Quizzes Video
1 Introduction Lecture1 Quiz1 Video1
2 Academic Writing and Norms (1) Lecture2 Quiz2 -
3 Academic Writing and Norms (2) Lecture3 Quiz3 -
4 Ethics in Artificial Intelligence Lecture4 Quiz4 Video4
5 Cheating in Academia and Engineering Practice, Whistle-blowers Lecture5 Quiz5 Video5
6 Safety and Risk, Global Issues Lecture6 Quiz6 Video6


Requirements and Grading

Attendance: 20%

Quizzes: 50%

Final Project(Essay): 30% Requirements



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